Tyrhee Moore: Be Patient. Be Still. Be Ready

Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 just called again to check in. Yesterday, they were able to take half of their gear to 16,200 feet.  They went back down to 14K and have spent almost four (4) days waiting for weather to improve.  They woke up this morning, broke down their tents, put on their gear with hopes of ascending to 17K. Not Happening.  The visibility on the mountain is extremely poor right now, and climbing at that altitude with poor visibility is unwise.  So they wait.  The forecast looks like poor weather for the next 3-4 days, which would extend the trip a bit longer than anticipated.  It takes about 8-10 hours to travel from 14K to 17K, so they need a solid window of clear(er) weather in order to set out.  The wind speeds exceed 25 mph, which drives down the temperature and makes conditions unbearable.  The good news is that they have plenty of food left.  And the team’s health is solid.

Tyrhee was in good spirits, although a bit bummed about the weather. The conversation reminded us that on mountains (and indeed in life) there are obstacles placed in our way that we have absolutely no control over.  Sometimes the best course is to Be Patient.  Be Still.  “The Mountain controls our fate,” Tyrhee said. “When the weather clears, we have to go.”  “WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE READY TO WALK THROUGH THAT DOOR.”

Be Patient. Be Still.  Be Ready.  We are witnessing history with this climb.  And if his actions alone were not enough to inspire us, certainly his words during this difficult time on the glacier has taught us that “We can all be mountain climbers in our regular lives!”

“We Need a Strong, Strong Prayer…” – Tyrhee Moore