Win Some, Lose Some. Live to Fight Another Day.

They trained hard. They’ve climbed high.  They withstood the toughest conditions.  But ultimately the Mountain controls their fate.  Tyrhee and Jackson 4 went to 17K this morning to retrieve their cache, and are expected to descent Mt. Denali this afternoon.  They will not summit this time around.  There is a severe blizzard on the forecast Tuesday and Wednesday, which might make it impossible for the team to come down for another week.  Keep in mind the only access to food and shelter they have is what they carried on their backs up the mountain.  Several teams on the Mountain have already turned around.  The weather was just too volatile and dangerous.

The entire team feels great, which makes this decision all the more difficult to accept. They spent months training and thousands of dollars to make this trek possible.  To come so close a second time brings its own set of disappointments.  And yet, their journey has inspired us all.  Tyrhee’s take was simple yet profound: “You win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day…”  Oh, and rest assured there will be another day!

In the coming weeks, Tyrhee will take time to reflect on the journey and share additional insight on his incredible mountaineering journey. In the meantime, let Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 how proud we are of their courage and send them lots of love!

Continue to share the story and look out for updates about what’s next in the near future.