January 9th 2018 - First Day in Uganda

Day One:  I'll start by saying that the Rwenzori Mountains or the country of Uganda for that matter, were not really on my radar at all until very recently. A buddy of mine inadvertently mentioned snow-capped mountains that lived high up at the source of the Nile. I was sold. A High Alpine Glacier, in the motherland, duh – complete no brainer. I wondered why I'd never heard of these mountains before until I started to actually plan to make the trip happen. I'll be very upfront to say that this trip was a pretty penny. From the flight, medication, visa, travelers insurance, hiring of porters, and so many other little things that just kept ticking up the tab. With that being said, I've been in Uganda for eight (8) hours now and my skin is already radiating, my smile is whiter than ever and my spirit is already on its way back to rejuvenation.  I am home.  Within minutes of leaving my hotel, I could hear a guy in his early 20's wearing skinny jeans and a bucket hat blasting Chris Brown’s “Pills and Automobiles” from his cell phone; and down the block another guy who looked to be a bit older bobbing his head to what was distinctly Meek Mill, all I could say was “Aye, it's Lit.” That experience alone reassured me this trip was already worth every penny.  I am those men.  Those men are me.


Slightly jet lagged and disoriented, jumping in and out of time-zones to get here, I am taking it easy as I wait for my climbing partner to arrive. I explored the nearby botanical garden where I ran across Velvet Monkey, exotic plants and fruit.  I’ve seen massive termite mounds and walked down to a local water front and listened to the ocean water crash against the bank. Pretty nice start to my three (3) weeks here in the Pearl.